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Awkward 2:
The Party Game of Savage Secrets

Come, one and all, to this strange and mysterious show!

Awkward 2 is the adult multiplayer party game filled with dark, hilarious & sometimes downright disturbing questions. Laugh, debate, defend and find out things you never wanted to know about your friends!

  • Awkward 2: The Party Game of Savage Secrets
  • Developer: Snap Finger Click
  • Publisher: Snap Finger Click
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Enter Wick’s wicked world where he’ll put you through your paces to escape his monstrous gameshow. Take on six savage rounds, each introducing a completely new merciless challenge guaranteed to give you and your friends a game night to remember. Only those who are worthy will make it out with their soul…

Create memorable moments in this fun social deduction game that's perfect for game nights, parties, and social gatherings!

🕵️‍♂️ Uncover scandalous secrets and laugh out loud with over 10,000 hilariously savage questions!
🤳 Enjoy a more intimate experience for 2 to 8 players, using your phones as controllers
🎉 Get ready to party with hundreds of players at once! Massive multiplayer support lets you all join the fun on your phones, perfect for large parties at universities and conventions
🏆 Leaderboards to see who's the most awkward player among your friends
🎨 Customize your game with options to choose your time limits and favorite rounds, so you can tailor the gameplay to your audience's preferences
🎮 Activate Twitch Mode to allow thousands of players to join in on the fun, letting them type their responses in Twitch Chat
🤖 User-friendly interface with many accessibility features allowing for all skill levels to play